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10 Original Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and many of us are already thinking about what to give that most important woman in our life. Whether we are gifting a Mother’s Day present to our own mothers, or the other mamas in our lives, giving a little something to mothers is a nice way to show how much we appreciate all that they do. Loads of sweet gifts are traditional for Mother’s Day, such as flowers, chocolates, and sparkling cards. But if your mother is the crafty or outdoorsy type who likes to get her hands dirty, or you just want to give a gift for Mother’s Day that is a little bit different, try one of these unique gifts this Mother’s Day. We’ve picked our top 10 original Mother’s Day gift ideas that will certainly inspire and satisfy that DIY Mom.

Raised Garden Bed

1. Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed just in time for the spring is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving for the outdoorsy or DIY mom. Raised beds come in all kinds of designs, materials, and sizes, which makes it easy to find the best choice for your mom. This lower-maintenance gardening style is great for moms who love to garden, grow their own vegetables, or simply love herbs and flowers in the backyard. If your mom is not a get-her-knees-dirty kind of gal, no worries. Some raised bed designs also come raised on legs like a table so gardeners don’t have to bend down to tend to their gardens. Many raised garden beds are made from rot-resistant wood like cedar, making it truly a gift that will last and bring joy and bounty for years to come — perfect for the gardening or outdoor mom, or even just to inspire the mom who loves projects to get into a new hobby.

Bird Feeder

2. Bird Feeders

Nature-loving moms will love the gift of a bird feeder this Mother’s Day. So many different kinds of bird feeders are out there that are specifically designed to attract and feed certain species of birds. One classic and sweet kind of feeder is a hummingbird feeder. These little additions to a garden or patio space are easy to maintain with sugar water and are decorative enough to add a lovely accent to the yard. Hummingbirds are also such a joy to watch and attract close to the house. Other bird feeders look like little houses or tubes you fill with bird seeds. These can also be attractive additions to a garden, yard, or patio. Think about what kind of birds your mother loves and do a little research to find the best bird feeder to gift to her.

Household Tool Kit

3. Household Tool Kits

Some moms love to be handy in all the household ways. Gifting your mom a basic household tool kit for Mother’s Day is a great way to gear her up with a basic set of tools so she feels like she can tackle any project. A household tool kit is great for mothers who like to fix things around the house or simply like to get crafty and creative with DIY projects. A household tool kit is one gift that surely won’t go unused.

Home Automation Systems

4. Home Automation Systems

Want to help your mother upgrade her house from a regular home to a smart home this Mother’s Day? So many cool gadgets out there make great gifts for mom that will help make her life easier. These gifts aren’t just cool, they’re useful — and great for the mom who likes to run a tight ship at home or could use a little more free time. Smart speakers, smart clocks, smart locks, smart cookers, and even smart switches are all handy gadgets to keep around the house. And, of course, we can’t forget about robot vacuums that will do a bunch of the groundwork housework for her.

Herb Planter

5. Herb Planter

If your mom is not quite a gardener (yet!) but still likes to get crafty, perhaps an in-house herb planter is a great place to start. Coming in different styles and sizes that will fit well in any home or kitchen, herb planters are sweet ways to grow your own kitchen herbs without a lot of work. Some common herbs to plant are rosemary, lavender, parsley, oregano, thyme, and sage. A mix of some or all of these will be the perfect gift for that handy mom who loves to cook.

Candle-making Kit

6. Candle-making Kit

Why gift the gift of scented candles when you can give the whole candle-making kit instead? Candle-making kits are great fun for those mothers who love craft projects and DIY activities. You can choose kits that come with a variety of materials and fragrances so your mom can make the perfect candles she will surely love. This is a total win-win situation because she not only gets to keep busy making the candles but she also gets to enjoy the end product too.

Basket-weaving Kit

7. Basket-weaving Kit

If your mother likes to use her hands and loves anything that is crafty, maybe basket weaving is her next hobby. Basket weaving is a calming and productive hobby that creates the most gorgeous and useful end results.

Weaving Loom

8. Weaving Loom

Similarly, if your mother loves basket making or knitting, then perhaps her newest hobby is weaving. Gifting her a weaving loom is an amazing way to inspire her for her next DIY projects. Weaving looms don’t have to be big or complex, as even the smaller ones offer great joy and stunning end results.

Wind Chimes

9. Chimes

Wind chimes are such a classic gift for Mother’s Day. So many different kinds of chimes are available that fit different aesthetic tastes and offer a wide variety of soothing sounds. Perfect for the mom who loves to relax on the porch or the deck and would love to listen to the enchanting sounds of chimes in the wind.

Flower Press

10. Flower Press

For the mother that loves gardening, flowers, bouquet making, or simply long walks in the summer, a traditional flower press makes a much cherished and wonderful gift. Instead of using her old books to press her flower collection, a classic wooden flower press might be exactly what mom needs. Even if she doesn’t press flowers, this is a great introduction to a new crafty and artistic hobby she is sure to love.

Mother and Daughter Embracing

Whether you’re gifting a little something this Mother’s Day to your own mother, grandmother, in-laws, friends, or any of the other superwomen in your life, if she loves getting creative or outside, she is sure to love one of these original Mother’s Day gifts.

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